About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Ensuring equal information access and usability for all

Magnifying glass peering at the world.

Our Vision

We want nationwide availability of alternative format options and universal compliance standards at both the local and state level.

Our Mission

Accessibility Compliance is a leading non-for-profit foundation whose primary vision is to help ensure that information accessibility is available for all individuals.

Through education and advocacy, we seek to increase awareness of accessible formats and ensure equal access for individuals with disabilities.


We are committed to promoting the rights of individuals with disabilities. We support individuals with disabilities such as blindness, low vision or deafness. We work in partnership with accessibility advocates, lobbyists and other disability organizations, at the national, municipal and organizational levels, to advocate for equal access to information.


Accessibility Compliance is dedicated to changing the public's perception regarding accessibility. We strive to educate the importance of understanding the difference between usability verses accessibility.