Obtain fast, accurate Braille transcription, printing, and binding in all major formats.

Teacher and girl reading braille.

High throughput. Proven quality.

ACO translates documents from print or any electronic file to Braille, using proprietary editing tools and a team of certified Library of Congress Braille transcribers. We deliver Braille in accordance to the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) standard, with exacting dot height, spacing, and durability. Our unique authoring tools and high technology process enable our transcribers to translate Braille documents with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy than any existing translation process.

ACO provides translations of documents from print into five different types of Braille. Each Braille format possesses its own unique translation standards, rules, and specified applications. For example, the Nemeth Braille Code is used for translating math and science.

  • Literary Braille (uncontracted)
  • Literary Braille (contracted)
  • Nemeth Braille code
  • Foreign Languages
  • Computer Braille Code

We adhere to all current standards, including UEB, and can format Braille to meet specific needs. Our custom embossers produce thousands of Braille pages per day, and our software tools enable our transcribers to quickly generate accurate, well-formed Braille, saving time and lowering costs. Through greater efficiency and our ability to scale on demand, Braille readers can have more frequent access to information than ever before.